Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lead me On, Let me Run after you

Lets see, it’s been quite a few weeks since I’ve last posted on this thing. Let me tell you, Student Life has revealed to me just how critical that extra 30 minutes of sleep really is…. Trust me, 30 minutes is Gold. We are currently on week 6 at Cedarville University in Ohio. Thirty days remain on my Student Life calendar, and while that may seem long, days fly by like arrows, slowly losing force as it reaches the target. Of course, I have been having an absolutely revolting time. In case you don’t already know, God is the biggest show off this universe has ever seen. I in no way was prepared for the things he has done this summer, and because of him my life has been eternally altered.

mean, don’t get me wrong, there are things that I miss about home. Aside from my wonderful family, there are three things my soul desires: sleep, Texas Rangers, and running. I started running a few months before I left for the summer and I find it to be one of the most relieving things for me. Nothing is more satisfying to me than running while my music overpowers my ear, almost as if it were pumping momentum into every vein electrifying my determination …ah, how I miss it so.

course, there are two ways you can run correctly. There’s the good old treadmill or just the good old Combine turf. Personally, I love nothing more than running down Chrestman Lane every night taking in the sweet Texas air. But God dropped a message in my mailbox and broadcasted to me a life lesson through running. Our physical walk, or run in this instance, is exactly what our spiritual walk with God is like. When we choose to run on the treadmill, we have control of so many things. Speed, time, radio, Air conditioning, incline, TV…. you get the picture. Maybe our treadmill is almost like our throne, per say. We stand up there and control exactly what WE want to control. Is that how we run our lives? Don’t want to run too fast? Its all good turn the speed down to your preferred comfortable amount. Too hot for you in the gym? Well thank Goodness for air conditioning. WE MANUVER THINGS IN OUR LIVES TO FIT OUR COMFORT ZONES AND DESIRES. God wants us to get out of our comfort zones and let him be in control of our circumstances and situations rather than let us have our way.

you can control a lot on a treadmill, one important thing you cant control is running down hill. We seem to avoid these areas at all cost because they are just too much work; they beat us up and bring us down. If we never run down our hills and obstacles in life, then how in the world can God run along side us? He DESIRES to run along us. He DELIGHTS in us. A race isn’t run in a day, its run in every moment leading up to the goal. Run the races, don’t give up. With that being said friends, I challenge you to get off the treadmill and hit the hard pavement enabling us to run down hill with our Father who is CRAZY about us.


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